International Sopot Youth Conference 2022 entitled Where the World is Heading

Data: June 10, 2022
Godzina: 9:00 UTC
Miejsce: online, Sopot, Poland

The Sopot Science Association (SSA) welcomes contributions to the sixth edition of the International Sopot Youth Conference entitled Where the World is Heading. The conference is the continuation of the Sopot Youth Forum. Since 2008 over 500 scientists from many countries have presented their work during the event.




Online submissions is NOW CLOSED.

Register here: https://2022isyc.konfeo.com/


We invite young scientists or science enthusiasts, university students, Ph.D. students and young doctors to present their work, visions, opinions, and thoughts.

The Sopot Youth Conference consists of two thematic blocks: humanities and social sciences and the second one – natural and physical sciences. Both oral (15 minutes) and poster presentations are welcome.


Due to the uncertain COVID-19 situation worldwide, also the 2022 edition of the conference is planned to be held in an entirely online mode. 

This year, we are seeking presentations for special, interdisciplinary sessions dedicated to women and girls in science and the session organized by the GeoPlanet community. More information below!


Due to the multidisciplinary character of the Sopot Youth Conference abstracts and presentations should be prepared in an intelligible manner. The Conference language is English.

Our Conference Proceedings are registered, and have an ISBN, and thus can be cited.


Just like in previous editions this year the best presentations will be granted FINANCIAL AWARDS. 


Abstract submissions (max. 1500 characters)

 6 May 2022 13 May 2022

Acceptance notifications

16 May 2022 18 May 2022


10 June 2022 



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Poster will be available June 9 at the latest, where you can add comments and review all works before the conference.



Proceedings of International Sopot Youth Conference 2022 entitled Where the World is Heading? are available.



Sopot Science Association (http://stn.edu.pl).



See yourself after this year conference! This is the recordings on YT of the International Sopot Youth Conference 2022 entitled Where the World is Heading.



Natural Sciences

Ezio Bolzachini, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy
Joanna Calkiewicz, SSA/NMFRI, Poland
Joachim Dengg, GEOMAR, Germany
Luca Ferrero, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy
Carlos Garcia-Soto, University of the Basque Country, Spain
Urszula Janas, University of Gdansk, Poland
Maria Carmen García Martínez, IEO-CSIC, Spain
Michael Nones, IGF PAN/GeoPlanet, Poland
Paulina Pakszys, SSA/IO PAN, Poland
Karolina Pierzynowska, University of Gdansk, Poland
Szymon Smolinski, SSA/NMFRI, Poland
Rohan Soman, Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery, PAS, Poland
Grzegorz Wegrzyn, University of Gdansk, Poland
Marta Wojewódka-Przybył, ING PAN/GeoPlanet, Poland
Tymon Zielinski, SSA/IO PAN, Poland


Humanities and Social Sciences

Mehrdad Ahmadian, Co-Managing for EDSA/General Director for Iranian Branch of EDSA
Adam Cameron Batmanghlich, EDSA (Eurasian Doctoral Student Academy)
Colin Campbell, University of Reading, United Kingdom
Adam Jagiełło-Rusiłowski, ISEF, The Netherlands/University of Gdansk/Ashoka, Poland
Izabela Kotynska-Zielinska, SSA/Today We Have, Poland
Katarzyna Kukowicz-Żarska, Ateneum/University in Gdansk, Poland
Dorota Majewicz, SSA/Co-Managing Director for EDSA, Poland
Grażyna Niedoszytko, NMFRI-Gdynia Aquarium, Poland
Joseph G. Sapienza, Royal Academy, Mongolian International University
Natalia Treder-Rochna, SSA/University of Gdansk, Poland


Young Scientific Committee 

Marta Konik, SSA/UVIC, Canada
Niccolò Losi, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy
Natalia Szymanska, SSA/IO PAN, Poland
Aleksandra Koroza, SSA/IO PAN, Poland



Izabela Kotynska-Zielinska, SSA/TWH, Poland; Email: kotynska-zielinska@todaywehave.com
Paulina Pakszys, SSA/IO PAN, Poland; Email: pakszys@iopan.pl
Tomasz Kijewski, SSA/IO PAN, Poland
Aleksandra Koroza, SSA/IO PAN, Poland
Anna Miler, Inkubator STARTER, Poland
Katarzyna Romancewicz, SSA/IO PAN, Poland
Marta Wojewódka-Przybył, ING PAN/GeoPlanet, Poland; Email: m.wojed@twarda.pan.pl
Anna Zdunek, IGF PAN/GeoPlanet, Poland



Contact persons for natural sciences is Paulina Pakszys and for humanities and social sciences as well as the Women and girls in science session – Izabela Kotynska-Zielinska.

The GeoPlanet session – Marta Wojewódk-Przybył.




Online submissions is open from 8 April to 6 May 2022.

Registration is now closed.


Women and girls in science panel discussion


According to UNESCO Institute for Statistics data, the women researchers are less than 30% of the world’s scientists. These numbers may be disturbing, however, in order to effectively challenge the gender gap, beside facing the numbers, we must define the qualitative indicators and hence factors, which prevent numerous women from pursuing careers in many fields of science.

During our session we will discuss these issues and try to allocate necessary steps in order to fill in the existing gaps and hence increase women presence in world science.





  • Tymon Zielinski, Head of CORE-Climate and Ocean Research and Education, IO PAN, Poland.



  • Maria del Carmen Garcia Martinez, Directora Centro Oceanográfico de Málaga Instituto Español de Oceanografía (IEO), Spain.

She is researcher at Instituto Español de Oceanografía (IEO), is the head of the Climate Change Laboratory at Oceanographic Center of Malaga, and the responsible of RADMED project, devoted to the routine observation and sampling of the Western Mediterranean. Since October 2021 she is the new Director of the Oceanographic Center of Málaga. She has written or participated in numerous research papers, congresses contributions, books and has participated in 25 research cruises. She has always developed a sense of responsibility in making science knowledge available to the general public and since March 2021 is the chair of the European Marine Board Communications Panel.


  • Sylwia Łyskawka, Specialist/Climate Positive Programme, UN Global Compact Network Poland.

EU Young Ocean Advocate for the Baltic Sea region. President of the Youth Climate Council Poland, advising the Minister of Climate and Environment on topics related to youth and climate policy. Expert of the EU Committee of Regions on subnational climate diplomacy. Member of the Youth Climate Dialogue – an agreement between five biggest youth organizations working on climate education in Poland. Member of the Advisory Council to the President of Poland, representing youth perspective on climate policy. Participant of working groups on climate education and offshore sector deal at the Ministry of Climate and Environment Poland.

Graduate of King’s College London where she obtained first-class MSc degree in Water: Science & Governance. Her master’s dissertation on drought, intertribal conflict and the mediating role of institutions received the “Best Master’s Thesis” award. She also holds a BSc degree in marine biology and oceanography from the University of Southampton.

Currently she is involved in projects on climate education and the Baltic Sea protection. She also possesses experience within drinking water sector, working on implementation of the EU Drinking Water Directive in Poland. Co-author of publications on the implications of the DWD for sewage companies. She was also a member of the working group on the DWD in the European Commission.

Author of publications on water crisis in Poland and the importance of youth movements for climate education and civic society. She participated in numerous conferences, including events organized by TedXWarsaw, the Community of Democracies or Vienna Energy Forum. Her bachelor’s dissertation on upside-down jellyfish and their potential as bioindicators was presented at scientific conferences at the University of Oxford, the University of Bremen, and the Climate Summit COP24 in Katowice.


  • Liseth Pérez, Scientific Associate, Technical University Braunschweig, Germany.

Dr. Liseth Pérez is a Guatemalan biologist currently working as a Scientific Associate at the Technical University Braunschweig (Germany). Her research interests are focused on the use of aquatic bioindicators in lake sediment sequences to investigate the effects of past climate and environmental changes on aquatic ecosystem biodiversity and health in the northern Neotropics.  Dr. Pérez, as a principal investigator or co-investigator, has participated in twelve multidisciplinary research projects and in several field expeditions within International

Continental Scientific Drilling Program. She has published 46 scientific papers and currently she is teaching and mentoring students at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels in environmental science. In addition to her scientific activities, she is also a Member of the Organization for

Women in Science for the Developing World, 500 Scientist Women, Commission of Equality of the TU Braunschweig, Working Group Effects of Covid 19 on early and middle-career scientists with care work, Working Group Equality and Inclusion of the Joint-Meeting IAL-IPA 2022, and actively disseminates science.


The GeoPlanet session

Fact or Fake?

Do you have problems with some myths and fake information in your field of expertise? Do you have to challenge them in discussions? Please share such information with us. Tell us what do you mean by fact versus fake info. Tell us how/if you challenge these situations. Do you have any special methods for convincing people about science-based knowledge?

We welcome submissions from any scientific field aiming to tackle “scientific” myths and hence make a change in the perception of science in society.




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